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A 'Feel the Fear' Story

My driving fear

When I was 19, I was involved in a car accident. I wasn't badly injured, but the experience scared me enough to not drive for seven years. I was terrified that I would kill myself or somebody else if I did. I depended on my husband to drive me everywhere, which I wasn't comfortable with... but I felt I had no other choice.

I had read Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway and was motivated to try to drive again. But it wasn't enough. One day the Universe intervened - while walking home from work - I saw a tiny blue car in a car lot. It looked almost like a toy! Very non-threatening and cute. Every day for two weeks I stopped to look at it. Eventually I went in and sat in it. I brought my dad with me to test drive it, and ended up buying the car! I took lessons, passed my test and even though I was sick every day for the first six months of driving, I continued to 'feel the fear and do it anyway'.

Now it's ten years later. I drive everywhere, even my country's biggest city. That's a goal that I just accomplished this year. Next, I hope to drive abroad. My dad came with me on my first trip to my country's capital. When he asked me why I was 'putting myself through' the ordeal of driving there instead of taking the train, I told him that I'd rather be afraid and do something than be afraid and do nothing. When we finally got to our destination, he turned to me and told me he was very proud of me. I told him I was proud of myself too. And I was - because it's easy to do nothing. The hard thing is to do something when you're afraid. But it's totally worth it.

Thank you, Susan. Because that principle alone is life changing.

Martina, Kerry, Ireland