Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway Workshops

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway Workshops

Looking for more from your reading of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway®? Then you’ll want to take a workshop that further explores the exercises and methods from the book in more detail. The workshops were inspired by Susan’s original classes that she taught before becoming a best-selling author. Not only was Susan was an excellent teacher, she also loved to attend workshops, so her teachings are geared towards a group experience.

Susan’s simple and profound advice is as relevant today as when she first published the book. The tools in Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® continue to deliver lasting change and improved mindset for individuals, business, educators, and those suffering with their mental health.

Since 2004, Feel the Fear courses have been taught around the world, by qualified instructors who are trained in delivering the key truths from Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway®. This arm of the Susan Jeffers’ organization is directed by Rachael Alexander, a counselor and author, who is passionate about providing workshops and bringing new trainers on board to spread Susan’s truths about fear.

If you are interested in learning more about the principles of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway®, this workshop is for you. Group courses are conducted both in person and online.

Personal courses, to go at your own pace, are available online.

Feel the Fear Trainers

If you already have a dog-eared, tattered copy of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® and would like to help share the life-changing methods from the book, you will want to consider being an instructor.

Most of our instructors become coaches after their lives are changed by reading Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway®, which inspires them to help others. They train with us to help others get the same benefits from Susan’s empowering teachings.

To learn more about becoming a Feel the Fear Trainer, visit the Feel the Fear Training website and download our instructor checklist to see if it’s the right fit for you.