Susan wrote 17 books and recorded the audio editions for most of them. On this page, you’ll find descriptions about each of her books and, by clicking on the More Details link, you can find where to purchase them.

We also have officially licensed Susan Jeffers products with her most beloved sayings. All products are available through Susan’s Café Press store. Some of our favorites are highlighted below.

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® – Revised & Updated

For more than thirty years, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® has helped thousands of people through its dynamic techniques for turning fear, indecision, and anger into power, action, and love. This new edition features revised text to reflect 21st century ideas and is updated with new exercises and additional text. Whatever you are afraid of, this book can give you the insight and practical tools to push through your fears to live the life you always wanted.

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® – 25th Anniversary Edition (UK)

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® offers insights and tools to improve your ability to handle any situation. The book has helped thousands of people through its dynamic techniques for turning fear, indecision, and anger into power, action, and love. The 25th Anniversary Edition has been updated and expanded to include a new foreword and a selection of Feel the Fear stories submitted by visitors to Susan’s web site.

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® Audio

Susan’s definitive reading of her seminal book, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. Best-selling author Susan Jeffers’ timeless teachings live on in this work, based on the same techniques she used in her own life to experience more strength, peace, and joy.

The Feel the Fear Guide to Lasting Love

In The Feel the Fear Guide to Lasting Love, Susan applies her profound understanding of the human heart to the realm of loving relationships. No matter what our relationship status, this book shows us how to push through the fear and negativity that erode relationships, and embrace a life-affirming approach to love. From celebrating differences to rethinking expectations, we can learn to express anger with love to keep the electricity flowing, and so much more.

Life is Huge!

Life is Huge! is a collection of 50 of Susan’s warm, witty, and wise articles that capture the experiences and emotions that make up all our lives. The simple but profound truths contained in this book, with all of Susan Jeffers’ trademark warmth and enthusiasm, will make you laugh, make you cry, make you reach out and embrace all of life. It will inspire you and remind you that life is infinitely varied, surprising – and definitely huge!

End the Struggle and Dance with Life

Life can seem difficult, but it doesn’t mean we have to struggle. In this extraordinary book, Susan teaches us how to feel calmer, more in control, and more excited about life no matter what is happening around us. Through Susan’s insights and practical tools, we learn that we don’t have to give in to the negative emotions of impending doom, but can embrace the joy of our Spirit through trust, gratitude, harmony, and love.

The Little Book of Confidence

This ‘little book’ is a portable collection of uplifting words to help the reader feel more confident based on the tools in Susan’s books Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway and Feel the Fear and Beyond. The beauty of this book is the fact it is so portable that it can be referred to throughout the day. It is a wonderful, empowering gift for oneself, or for friends and loved ones.

The Little Book of Peace of Mind 

The Little Book of Peace of Mind will remind you of the calming thoughts found in Susan’s book, End the Struggle and Dance with Life. Take it wherever you go. Share it as a gift with those you love or with those in need of tranquility in this hectic world. It offers guidance, affirmations and healing messages to teach you the meaning of a peaceful mind, and how to find comfort and harmony in our lives every day.

I’m Okay You’re a Brat (Freeing Ourselves From The Mad Myths Of Parenthood) 

A Must-Read for Parents of All Ages, Wannabe Parents, and the Cheerfully Childfree! In this fearlessly honest book, Susan Jeffers breaks the ‘conspiracy of silence’ about how difficult parenthood is for many. With humor and compassion, she reveals the guilt traps set by child-care ‘experts’ and our child-centered society. She questions many trendy myths and half-truths that add to a parent’s sense of inadequacy and guilt, and offers valuable tools to cope with it all.

I Can Handle It! 

In this first-of-a-kind book, I Can Handle It! presents 50 delightful stories showing children handling many difficult situations that children confront. As the various stories unfold, the child learns that all difficulties in life can be handled in a powerful and loving way. Parents are often inundated with contradictory information about what we should or should not be doing, this book provides a refreshingly easy way to engage with and empower our kids.

Feel the Fear… and Beyond 

In this companion book to Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway®, Susan takes us by the hand and gives us step-by-step examples and concrete exercises that help us to incorporate the profound insights of the ‘Feel the Fear’ program into our daily lives. As you read the book, you will learn how to make full use of the valuable tools designed to help you make positive changes and confront new situations in a strong and life-affirming way.

Feel The Fear Power Planner 

Susan designed this life-changing Power Planner to help you incorporate into your daily life many of the Feel the Fear tools found in her bestselling books. This daily planner embraces all those cherished elements of a rich and full life and will teach you to enjoy your life in a more conscious, loving, giving, appreciative, and powerful way. As you use the Planner, you will watch your fears diminish and your sense of well-being soar.

Embracing Uncertainty

Embracing Uncertainty is an incredibly powerful, healing book in these very uncertain times! With her invaluable insights, Susan gives us the tools we need deal with all the uncertainty in our life with a sense of wonder and possibility. Providing a safety net in a world of constant change, Embracing Uncertainty may be one of the most comforting and life-affirming books you will ever read.

Dare To Connect

In this life-changing book, Susan reveals the heart and soul of what it means and what it takes to make friendships and relationships work. As Susan tells us, we live in a world where there are no strangers and we never need to feel alone. She gives us the insights and tools we need to create a sense of belonging no matter where we are.

The ‘Fear-Less’ Series – Inner Talk for Peace of Mind (Audio)

Susan Jeffers created these calming inner thoughts and affirmations to help you take away the worries of daily life and create a feeling of peace within yourself. Even though you live in a very stressful world, you can replace negative chatter in your mind with powerful and loving messages from the Higher Self. Great bedtime listening.

The ‘Fear-Less’ Series – Inner Talk for a Confident Day (Audio)

Susan Jeffers created these powerful inner thoughts and affirmations to help you find all the confidence and love you will ever need. You will push through the fear and negative chatter of the mind and replace them with the joyful messages from the best of who you are. Listen to these inspiring thoughts first thing in the morning or throughout the day whenever courage is needed.

The ‘Fear-Less’ Series – Inner Talk for a Love That Works (Audio)

Susan Jeffers created these healing inner thoughts and affirmations to help you take charge of your life, respect who you are, and create a love that works. Whether you are in a relationship or not, these words will help replace the negative chatter of the mind with powerful and loving messages from the best of who you are. Learn to be the creator, never the victim, when it comes to love.

The Art of Fearbusting (Audio)

A classic talk by Susan! The Art of Fearbusting is an original, live talk given by Susan based on her huge best-seller Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway®. Packed with practical and life-transforming tools, this recording shows us how to handle fear from a position of self-confidence and love. Susan’s delivery is delightful: lively, compassionate and full of insightful stories.

Opening Our Hearts to Men

In this book, Susan teaches us how to transform pain, loneliness, and anger into trust and intimacy by learning to respect and honor who we are. No matter your gender, no matter how your past relationships have affected you, this book can help you learn how to put away any resentment to become a more loving person.

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