Trusting Your Intuition

In our November newsletter, we’ve been talking about taking the fear out of decision making. Sometimes when we face a big decision, or even a number of small ones, we freeze up, fearing that we will make the wrong decision. But as Susan wrote in Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, there is no such thing as a Wrong decision, only two different paths that both can lead to something wonderful. We just need to trust ourselves and know that we can handle it. Right?

Part of learning to trust ourselves is learning to listen to our intuition. As Susan said, “Remember that our little minds, when governed by the Lower Self, aren’t capable of imagining the grand possibilities that are there for us. Therefore, it is important that we learn to tune into a part of us that has much greater vision, the Higher Self.”

In the modern world, we are so used to being guided by external forces, that we’ve forgotten how to listen to our inner voice. Yet intuition is a marvelous way to get in touch with our Higher Selves. It can be hard to know what intuition even sounds like. Is that the voice of our Higher Self or just our Lower Self being very persuasive?

To learn how to trust our intuition, Susan advised, “In the beginning, we need to play with it a bit. Experiment with little things. If you get an internal message to call so and so and it makes no sense, call anyway. See what happens. Or go somewhere where you are being “led” to go. Or read a book that seems to jump out at you in the bookstore. And so on.”

Another way we can know that it is our intuition speaking to us is that any message from the Higher Self will have a purpose for the good. “When we know that the action we are being led to take is a positive one, then we know we are probably on the wavelength of the Higher Self,” Susan wrote.

Our intuition can be a guide for good, we just need to listen well and trust ourselves.