Six Tips for Creating Holiday Blessings

In Life is Huge!, Susan offers six tips for creating your own holiday blessings. But there is one tip not on the list that underlies each of those lessons—PATIENCE. Each of the six tips begins and ends with patience—with others and especially yourself. It’s easy to get on the blame train when things don’t go as planned, but that is the way of our Lower Selves. A truly wonderful holiday can only be experienced through our Higher Selves—the place of patience, confidence, forgiveness, and love.

So before you use any of Susan’s six holiday tips—

  • Let go of the expectations
  • Stop trying to change other people
  • Pick up the mirror instead of the magnifying glass
  • Focus on abundance
  • Focus on giving
  • Lighten up

—Remember to take a deep breath and focus on being patient. When we lose patience, we are still focusing on our expectations for how the holidays and our family should be. When we lose patience, we are burdening ourselves with what we lack instead of noticing how much we have to give.

Even just pausing for a moment of quiet time can help us connect to our reservoir of patience and can immediately help us feel less burdened and more light, more in touch with our Higher Selves. So if you’re starting to feel stressed or anxious or frustrated, remember:

Be patient with yourself…and with others

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