Wonder vs. Hope

In this month’s article, we’re talking about living in a state of Wonder. While hope can be a miraculous thing, it can also set us up for disappointment. As Susan wrote in Embracing Uncertainty, “Hoping can lead to a state of unhappiness if those very hopes are dashed. (And, of…

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Greeting the Light

This month we’re talking about how to bring more love into the world. The first step towards doing that is working on ourselves. We’re going to explore that idea a little more, here on Susan’s blog. In Dare to Connect, she suggested a technique that can help us become more…

Trust Isn’t About Understanding

In this month’s newsletter we’re talking about trusting the future which means trusting the Universe and its Grand Design. Here is an excerpt from End the Struggle and Dance With Life that further explores this idea: Developing this kind of trust, requires our constantly using our Spiritual tools. Even when…

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