Messages from Our Higher Selves

“Whether we are aware of it or not, the Higher Self is constantly sending us valuable messages that can guide us to where we need to go for our highest good. Our task is to learn how to tune into these messages.” Susan Jeffers, End the Struggle and Dance with Life

Tuning into the message we receive from our Higher Selves, trusting our intuition, can do more than guide us. Being in touch with that part of ourselves is also incredibly centering and brings balance and peace to our minds and bodies.

There are many approaches to learning to listen to our intuition. However, no matter which method we choose, we should always begin by learning to quiet our minds so that when our Higher Selves begin to speak to us, we will be in a position to hear.

This means quieting our inner Chatterbox—the little voice inside us that never stops bombarding us with negativity and criticism. The Chatterbox exists only to flame our fears, to keep us in touch with our Lower Selves, so it is imperative that we muffle it as much as possible.

Susan’s favorite way to do this, as you probably know, was through affirmations. If we are filling our thoughts with positive, encouraging, grateful thoughts, there is no room for the Chatterbox that serves only to make us live in fear.

Once we have drowned out the noise of the Chatterbox, we need to learn to open ourselves up to be able to hear what our Higher Selves want to say. Meditation is a good way to start—whether repeating “OM” or listening to a guide. Getting outside into nature can also be a valuable way to open ourselves up. It’s hard to be closed minded when surrounded by the expanse of the sky and the quiet of nature. Even if it’s just sitting in a small garden for a short time, we can feel more at one with the world.

Whatever you do to get in touch with your intuition just remember to be patient. Susan wrote, “When we are impatient, it means we have no trust!” We have to trust that our Higher Selves are there and just waiting to give us messages. It won’t happen immediately, or even in a few days. It will happen, if you trust that it will, just when you need it most.