Another Holiday Lesson

This month, we’re talking about Susan’s lessons for creating our own holiday blessings. The following is another Holiday lesson she wrote about in Life Is Huge!:

Stop trying to change other people. You may want everyone in your life to follow your perfect “script,” for the holidays, not theirs. As we all know, that is NOT how life works. One of my favorite quotes is “Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig.” Now, this doesn’t mean people in your life are pigs; it means stop trying to change the nature of other people. Work only on yourself.

 Instead of trying to change someone, despite how he or she is behaving, just send loving light to that person. You can’t imagine the profound effect it has on others when you project your love onto others, you will ultimately melt into the realization that we are all human beings doing the best we can. And from this place, compassion for others…and for ourselves… is born.