Learning to Always Learn

As we talked about in April’s newsletter article, in Embracing Uncertainty, Susan recommends that we always choose to learn from our experiences by choosing to value every experience—good or bad—as an opportunity for discovery.

In chapter 5 of the book, she wrote about the “I Can Learn From This” exercise. This exercise helps us to change our thinking from defeat to discovery so that when we are faced with uncertainty, we can choose how we want to react. Susan wrote, “You’re going to hate me for this exercise, but the goal is to respond to all that is happening in your life as perfection in action.”

To do this exercise, add the words “I can learn from this” to the end of any situation, any experience. Such as:

This meal is awful … I can learn from this.

My date was horrible … I can learn from this.

My wallet was stolen … I can learn from this.

See why it is so hard? The purpose of the exercise is to teach us that we can learn from all things. As Susan said, “Remember that you experience of life reflects how you see the world. It is better to see it from a place of learning than a place of misery.”

Give it a try and see if you too can learn from whatever life brings you