The Seeds of Self-Respect

When we have self-respect we treat ourselves better and also treat those around us better. In Dare to Connect, Susan wrote about making real connections with other people—without our masks, without our acts—meeting people just as we are. But it is hard to meet people who will accept us for who we are if we don’t like ourselves.

Susan wrote: “When we stand tall and respect who we are, we naturally open our hearts and draw more beautiful people into our lives. Always remember that LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE. With open hearts, we draw open hearts into our lives. With closed hearts, we draw closed hearts.”

Self-respect is not something that comes easily. Just like the respect you have for other people, it has to be earned. Susan referred to this as Planting the Seeds of Self-Respect. Seeds take time to grow, so we have to be patient with ourselves.

“One way to plant seeds of Self-respect is to volunteer to work for a charity or cause in which you believe,” Susan said. “Nothing does more to create a feeling of self-respect than being a helping force in this world. The satisfaction can be enormous. Volunteering reduces self-absorption that creates a sense of isolation and directs our attention to others, thereby helping us feel more at home in the world.”

So get started. Earn your own respect and others will follow.