Am I Right, Am I Wrong? Maybe!

In these tumultuous times, it’s hard not to be drawn into arguments with know-it-alls. Especially on social media where people feel they can attack with impunity, while hiding behind their user ID. We can’t help but reply in kind because it is easier to be know-it-alls, to be assured and secure, than to listen to what those with opposing views might have to say. But as Susan wrote, “What the world needs right now is not child-like bickering between those who have an unyielding need to be right. Rather, it needs an openness and exchange of ideas.”

Being a know-it-all only masks our insecurities. Trying to convince everyone that we are right, does not make the world a less terrifying place to be. So how do we feel more confident?

Susan said, “Certainly, the more secure I feel within my being, the more open I am to the thinking of others. And just as importantly, I have come to realize that there is wisdom in living with a “maybe” attitude. Maybe I’m right; maybe I’m wrong. This opens the door to listening and learning and exploring and curiosity and all good things. Once we become a know-it-all we close the door to learning.”

A “maybe” attitude, as Susan explains in Embracing Uncertainty, can help us to feel more at ease as face our fears and the challenges the world presents. Try on a “maybe” attitude. It might be just the thing you’ve been needing.