Giving Love and Thanks

In this month’s article, we are talkingabout giving Susan’s favorite gifts – POWER, PEACE, and LOVE. In Life is Huge, Susan wrote about giving the gift of LOVE. Here is an excerpt.

I would recommendwriting a letter thanking your loved ones for all they have contributed to yourlife. And how much they mean to you. This requires us to focus on the beautyand to let go of our complaints. (For those of you who have been treated badlyby people in your life, remember there is always something to thank them for.Just look for the “something” and thank them for that.)

It is such abeautiful act to let your loved ones know you love and appreciate their giftsto your life. A beautiful heart-shaped trinket could accompany the letters, butI suspect it is the words reflecting your love and thanks that they willtreasure forever.

By the way, giving this gift creates a few unexpected treasures for you as well…

  • It feels so good to thank people for their contributions to your life.
  • As you give your gift of “thanks,” it makes you realize how lucky you are to have people in your life who have given you so much.
  • As others are moved by your thanks, you are reminded that you truly do make a difference to the well-being of those around you.

It is amazing how easily those two little words, THANK YOU, can make both the “giver” and the “getter” happy!