Finding a ‘Gratitude Buddy’

We’re talking this month about how easy it is to fall into a feedback loop of complaining. In Chapter 12 of End the Struggle and Dance With Life, “Wake Up To the Abundance,” Susan talks about how we can express in conversation how grateful we are for the blessings that are showered on us every day. One point in particular speaks to this month’s theme. Susan suggests finding a “Gratitude Buddy,” someone with whom you talk only about the wonderful things in your life. A Gratitude Buddy is there to help remind you of the profusion of good fortune in your life, which is so easy to overlook when it feels like we are facing miles of hurdles.

Susan wrote this about your Gratitude Buddy: “As you get involved in the busy-ness of your daily life, it helps to have a friend who is your wake-up call. Commit to calling each other regularly to talk about the blessings in your lives. Does this sound stupid and farfetched? Hardly! Look around and notice many people call each other every day to talk about the misery in their lives! All it takes is a change in focus! We need to transform our ‘complaint buddies’ into ‘gratitude buddies,’ and if your present buddies won’t go along with the program, find new buddies!”

When we break free of the litany of complaints we return to again and again, we are freeing ourselves from wallowing in misery to find the lightness and joy. Don’t let complaining keep you from your joy!