An Abundance of Nothing

Freeing ourselves of excess belongings can help us to enjoy the things that truly matter in life. In this excerpt from End the Struggle and Dance With Life, Susan relates a story that speaks to the less is more mentality.

Needing less and enjoying more is an appealing alternative for so many of us. But you already know that this is easier said than done. For now, let me inspire you with the following story…

There was a 16th century Zen monk who was very poor and lived in a little hut on a mountainside. One night he came home to find a burglar in his hut. Knowing there was nothing much to take, he said to the thief, “I don’t have much, but I would like to give you something.” He, then, took off his clothes and gave them to the thief. Totally surprised by the monk’s actions, the thief grabbed the clothes and ran out the door. Did the monk feel poor because of his loss? No. He sat there that night looking at the beauty of the night and said to himself, sadly, “I wish he would have stayed around a little longer. I could have given him the stars.”

This Zen monk had found the essence of a life well lived. He didn’t need to accumulate. He didn’t need to control or judge the behavior of the thief. He wasn’t laden with negative emotions of blame, anger and fear. He didn’t see himself as a victim (a robbery survivor!). He had mastered the art of living in the Higher Self dimensions of abundance and beauty. He felt very rich.