Making Space for Yourself

While your home should have a space for you where you can feel comfortable, the space we’re talking about today is time. How many of us actually take time out of each day to just be? Most of us are lucky if we can carve out time to have a meal or get our household chores done, let alone have some true leisure time.

Leisure time is as important as work time or family time. In Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, Susan talks about our life grids and how we need to commit to each square. One of the few squares that she insisted upon was the Leisure square, since so many of us forget that important aspect of our lives.

Susan, a confessed workaholic, found it hard to find leisure time, so she created a way to take time for herself each day. “To help myself out, I’ve created the concept of the holihour, a shortened version of the holi-day. I allow myself at least an hour each day to relax totally. It could mean reading magazines, walking on the beach, or shopping in my favorite mall. This helps greatly in keeping me refreshed in my work. Very often I get some of my best ideas during leisure time, when my mind is not so cluttered.”

Time for yourself is just as important as time for other aspects of your life. Make sure you take some time everyday for yourself and whatever helps you to relax.