Trust Isn’t About Understanding

In this month’s newsletter we’re talking about trusting the future which means trusting the Universe and its Grand Design. Here is an excerpt from End the Struggle and Dance With Life that further explores this idea:

Developing this kind of trust, requires our constantly using our Spiritual tools. Even when we think we have the hang of it, new situations arise that bring up our need to control. But the more we find ways of dwelling in the house of our Higher Self and trusting the Grand Design, the easier it is for us to let go of our need to control.

There have been many times when I haven’t understood why certain things have happened in my life. Much later, however, the great miracle of it all was revealed to me. I didn’t understand why my first marriage didn’t work out; I later learned that there was much I had to learn about becoming whole and, for me, being on my own was a necessary step. I didn’t understand why I got cancer; I later learned how much a life-threatening illness teaches us so much about enjoying life in the present.

So I have decided to work on trusting that there are reasons for all that is happening on this earth to each and every one of us. I may never understand what these reasons are, but that is irrelevant. When trust is there, explanations are unnecessary. I have been humbled by the miracles I have seen all around me; I no longer have to know all the whys. I have accepted the fact that there is so much I don’t know. There is so much I will never know. So when your Lower Self asks “Why?”, just say to it,

            “I don’t know, but I trust it’s all happening perfectly. It’s all part of the Grand Design.”