The Power of Saying YES!

Since we’re talking this month about opening up to the Universe, here is an excerpt from Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway about how important it is to say Yes:

Life offers many opportunities to practice saying yes to your universe. The baby spills milk all over the floor; your computer dies before you can save an important letter; the cleaner ruins your suit—get the picture? Every time you find yourself resisting what’s happening at the present moment, recall the phrase “Say Yes to your Universe.” You will watch your life become more and more pleasurable. Relationships with the whole world will improve dramatically.

Once you master the concept on a day-to-day level, you will be prepared to handle the more serious issues that confront you. You will notice that your level of fear slowly starts to drop as it is replaced by a greater sense of trust in your ability to handle your world. As you start to see the possibilities in the impossible, you will begin to see that the world works “perfectly.” You can find reason and purpose in everything—if you open your mind to it.

The only time you will fear anything is when you say no and resist the universe. You may have heard the expression “Go with the flow.” This means consciously accepting what is happening in your life. I once heard it said that the key to life is not to figure out what you can get from the flow, but, rather, to figure out how to get into the flow. Or, as Barry Stevens titled her book, Don’t Push the River (it flows by itself). Stop fighting your life. Let go and let the river carry you to new adventures by the way you experience your life. In this way—and only in this way—it is impossible to lose.