Greeting the Light

This month we’re talking about how to bring more love into the world. The first step towards doing that is working on ourselves. We’re going to explore that idea a little more, here on Susan’s blog.

In Dare to Connect, she suggested a technique that can help us become more comfortable in high stress situations, such as a job interview or meeting a group of new people. It’s really a simple idea. Instead of letting your Chatterbox get the best of you, repeat to yourself “I love you,” or “I greet the light in you.” When you can hold on to this thought, you begin to project a loving energy, one that exudes confidence and friendliness.

Susan wrote, “If you can hold onto that loving space, the outcomes of meetings will be very different than when our energy field broadcasts ‘I am scared, insecure and I want desperately for you to love and accept me!’ Whenever we approach any situation in a centered state, extending our field of energy and light, we become more powerful and loving…rather than fearful and vulnerable.”

But how can it be so easy to change your energy from fearful to confident, you ask. We all have within us a place of love and light. You know, the Higher Self. When we project the thought, “I greet the light in you,” it allows us to get past our judgmental self, the part of us that is critical of ourselves and of others, and to connect to others through the light they have inside.

“Even if her or she seems obnoxious or unfriendly, ‘I greet the light in you!’ are the words that open our heart and allow us to see beyond the darkness,” Susan said.

No Matter What I See On the Outside, I Greet the Light In You!