More on “Look Deeply”

In order to recognize, and be grateful for, all the people who have supported us along our journey, we need to really look at all the work that goes into making our lives both comfortable and convenient. In End the Struggle and Dance With Life, Susan asks us to “Look Deeply.”

Susan wrote: “Most of us only skim the surface when we look at what life gives to us. This is why we habitually take things for granted and miss the miracle of it all.”

She asks us to consider how magnificent a supermarket can be when we stop to really see all the blessings it can provide for us, as we talked about in this month’s newsletter article. Then she asks us to consider what it would be like if we didn’t have a market to go to.

Take a minute to imagine what our lives would look like if all the markets, small and large, were taken away from us. In today’s world, I don’t know how many of us would survive. You can begin looking deeply at everything you do in your every day life—driving your car, working at your office, taking a vacation, reading a book, watching television, gardening, cleaning your house, caring for loved ones. As we look deeply, we see that in everything we do, we have been handed the Kingdom. May we always remember this.

The Kingdom she refers to is from a poem from Emily Dickinson about how much giving there is behind each small action.

As if I asked a common alms
And in my wandering hand,
A stranger pressed a Kingdom
And, I, bewildered, stand.

We all have been handed a kingdom, but it is hard to notice if we don’t look deeply. We must seek out the understanding that we are blessed with riches, even when we can’t see them.