Knowing That You Count By Acting-As-If

This first month of the New Year, we are talking about setting intentions, making resolutions, and doing the work to make them happen. Susan’s Magic Duo—committing 100% and knowing that I Count—is a great tool to help you make your 2023 goals come true. We wanted to give you some more guidance in how to Act-As-If. This is an excerpt from Embracing Uncertainty:

You may still not have the understanding at the deepest level of your being that your life actually does make a difference in this world. You may act lovingly and do wonderful things, but you still don’t feel you are important. You can begin to change this erroneous self-perception by playing the game of “act-as-if.” That is, with each step of the Journey you ask yourself…

“If I truly made a difference in this world, what would I be doing?”

“If I truly made a difference in this world, how would I be more loving?”

“If I truly made a difference in this world, how would I create more harmony around me?”

You then make a list of all the actions you would take in all situations in your life. And then you would act accordingly. For example:

If I truly made a difference in this world, what would I be doing relative to my job? How could I be more loving and create more harmony around me?

 1. I would arrive on time.

 2. I would be a self-starter, advancing the goals of my company.

 3. I would be friendly to my co-workers.

 4. I would give them credit when they do something meaningful.

And so on. And then you would follow through on these “I would’s.” The above answers are rather ordinary and obvious, but I am putting my trust in you to be much more creative in your own personal situation. The challenge is to create a wonderful environment for yourself and everyone around you. It doesn’t matter at what level of the company you function–from the lowest on the totem pole to the highest. Your sense of caring is important no matter where you find yourself.

You need to play this game of act-as-if in all areas of your life…with your family, friends, career, and community. And don’t forget to include giving love and caring to yourself. Without yourself, you can’t do much of anything!

As you can see, the process is very simple, but it requires a lifetime commitment of asking yourself these important questions, listening for the answers that come from the highest part of who you are, and then taking the actions that create a healing energy within and around you. The challenge is to ask yourself these questions in all the circumstances in your life.