The Protective Filter Exercise

This month we’re talking about turning our backs on all the messages of ‘danger’ that we are bombarded with. This exercise, from Embracing Uncertainty, can help us set boundaries so that the negativity can’t affect us.

For a while in my own personal growth, I drastically lowered the amount of negative news that I watched on television or read in newspapers and magazines. And that was perfect for my own progression into becoming a more positive person.

Then at some point I was able to create simple protective “tricks” that allowed me to keep my eyes wide open to the bad news in the world without it destroying my peace of mind. This was important to me, as I love to feel as though I am a part of the world…and it’s hard to feel a part of the world when you don’t have a clue as to what is going on! One of the tricks I created was the “Protective Filter” exercise which combines the miracle of glass plus the miracle of imagination. This simple exercise allows me to be a part of it all without being upset by it all. Let me explain.

Glass is an amazing product. Think about windows. Whether in our home or car, they protect us from noise, cold, wind, sleet, snow, rain, and all the negative elements. The amazing things about windows is that, not only do they enrich our lives by protecting us from the “bad news” outside, they enrich our lives by inviting in the “good news”—the light, the sun, and the view. I told you this was a miracle product!

Another miracle “product” is our imagination. If used properly, it allows us to conjure up all sorts of ways of shielding ourselves from the bad news and letting in the good. Of course, if used improperly, it does the reverse. But we are truly in control of our imagination and we need to learn how to use it in a way that supports rather than sabotages us.

In this exercise, I combined the miracles of glass and imagination in a way that allows me to watch the news in a “protective” fashion. I first imagine a glass shield between myself and the television set. Then, as the bad news drones on and on, I imagine this glass shield stopping the negativity but at the same time allowing the salient information to come through. It also allows the few items of good news to come through as well. Think about it: with a little help from an imaginary piece of glass conjured up by my mind, I can be open to, yet protected from, all the bad news that is around me.

I suspect you are thinking, “Susan, you’ve been working too hard!” I suggest you try it out. In fact, use the imaginary piece of glass to protect you not only from the negativity of the television news, but from the negativity in all situations in your life…during a family spat, driving in your car, talking on the phone, reading the newspapers, walking down the street, and so on.