It’s All Happening Perfectly

This month we’re talking about how trying to achieve perfection can become an addiction—rather than living life knowing that we are enough, we struggle to achieve something that is impossible—perfection.

Susan had a wonderful response for when things aren’t going as “perfectly” as we want them to. The answer is to let go of the need to be perfect and instead realize that “It’s all happening perfectly.”

When we let go of our need to be perfect, our need to control the outcome, we can allow ourselves the peaceful thought that “It’s all happening perfectly” no matter how things turns out. Because however anything turns out, it is perfect—it can sometimes be happy or sad, but it is perfect! Every day is a gift and living it with gratitude for all the blessings in your life can help you to see that the results mean very little in relation to everyday goodness.

To learn how to see life as perfect try repeating “It’s All Happening Perfectly!” to yourself all day. Even better, write in on a post-it and put it where it will catch your eye all day long. Saying the affirmation to yourself repeatedly, and really coming to believe it, is a positive way to change the way you think and helps you relieve the pressure you put on yourself to be perfect.

If you do your best and enjoy the journey, things can’t help but “happen perfectly.”

Understand that the realization that you are good enough and that the results of your efforts are good enough is not an excuse to be sloppy and uncaring. It serves our sense of self to put a loving effort into whatever we do in life…but this loving effort needs to be totally detached from an addiction to perfection.