Being a Perpetual Beginner is a Great Thing

This month we are talking about being impatient while we explore the path to our Higher Self. Our spiritual journey is a life-long one and there are no “magic pills” or “quick fixes.” Sometimes we get frustrated because we think we aren’t moving along the path as fast as we should be—or as fast as we would like to be. Susan said that this kind of impatience is just a way to punish ourselves and does nothing to help us move along the path. We have to learn that patience is a part of our spiritual journey and an important way to know our Higher Self.

In End the Struggle and Dance With Life, Susan says, “A way to bring patience into your life is to see yourself as a Perpetual Beginner. This is one time when being a beginner is better than being an expert! If we truly saw ourselves as perpetual beginners, we would automatically understand that we always have much more to learn; we would automatically understand that we won’t always get it right; we would automatically understand that the way isn’t always smooth; we would automatically know that we can’t be expected to be perfect. As a result..

            If we saw ourselves as perpetual beginners, we would be much kinder to ourselves.”

When kids learn to ride a bike, no one gets impatient with them for not being able to get it right away. When adults start a new job, no one expects them to fit right in and get everything correct immediately. When someone begins to practice yoga, the instructor gives them time and space to be learn how to move and breathe correctly. The examples are endless. Beginners are given leeway to learn as they need. Why should you treat yourself any differently?

“But I’ve been doing this for a long time,” you say. Maybe, but time is not a factor. We have all the time we need and more. So remember, we are all forever beginners…and that’s a good thing.