How to Start Your Day With Inspiration!

These five steps are adapted from a longer list put together by Susan in Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway called, Beginner’s Intensive for Positive Thinking. If you can work in one or more of these suggestions into your morning routine, you will feel the benefits of it the rest of the day:

  1. As you begin to awaken, turn on your audio player. Remember to choose your audio the night before and get it ready to play first thing in the morning in whichever device you use. An affirmation audio offers you a wonderful way to start the day. Or you can choose a meditation, motivational, or inspirational talk or audio book as an alternative. After you start it, lie there with your eyes closed and let the powerful and loving thoughts sink in. You have to admit that this certainly beats lying there thinking about how you don’t want to get up and face all the lousy and scary things you have to do all day.
  1. As you get out of bed, pay attention to the positive quotes you’ve surrounded yourself with—on the wall, the refrigerator, your mirror, and so on.
  1. As you dress, it’s a great time to play some music that makes your heart sing. That could be relaxation music, rock music, classical music, or whatever feels right for you at any given moment.
  1. Also, as you dress, begin to repeat the affirmations you have chosen for the day. A great place to repeat your affirmations is in front of the mirror. Repeat your affirmations for at least ten minutes, and continue throughout the day whenever negativity tries to enter your thinking. It requires vigilance to notice that the negativity is there; it sneaks in so quietly. But as soon as you are aware of it, begin replacing this negativity with your affirmations. Don’t let the little voice take over.

NOTE: I suggest that you do not turn on the television or radio and listen to the news. The presentation of the news is overwhelmingly negative. If it is your habit to read the newspaper as you eat breakfast, read one of your inspirational or motivational self-help books instead.

  1. Morning is a great time to exercise, and that is an opportune time to pump up your positive thinking.