Connect With A Friend to Stay Inspired

As we talked about in November’s newsletter article, it can be tough to stay on our spiritual path each and every day. Especially when we so often face frustration, annoyance, and drudgery. Finding ways to keep yourself focused on the good can be trying, and Susan had a lot of great suggestions about how to do, but all of them involved relying only on yourself.

In End the Struggle and Dance With Life, she also suggested to connect with a Gratitude Buddy. This is a friend who you can rely on, and who relies on you, to keep you upbeat even when weathering a storm. As you get involved in the busyness of your daily life, a Gratitude Buddy can help you stop and smell the roses (so to speak). It may sound like a strange idea, but, as Susan wrote, “Does this sound stupid and far fetched? Hardly! Look around and notice many people call each other every day to talk about the misery in their lives! All it takes is a change in focus! We need to transform our ‘complaint buddies’ into ‘gratitude buddies,’ and if your present buddies won’t go along with the program, find new buddies!”

To make the best use of a Gratitude Buddy, it is important to make a commitment to keep each other inspired and focused. It is essential to connect regularly to talk about the blessings in your lives. Look to your friends who already inspire you and find a way to communicate more regularly—even if it means writing it on your daily To Do list.