Become the Observer of Your Thoughts

Following up on the previous blog, another “Love Lesson” that we can adapt to help us perfect Susan’s Mirror technique is the third one from Chapter 4 of The Feel the Fear Guide to Lasting Love—“Become the Observer of Your Thoughts.”

Susan wrote: “With the help of your mirror you’ll begin to notice your thoughts. It will be as though you’re watching yourself from the outside. In so doing, you are moving one step away from the emotions that may be affecting you.”

By looking at yourself in your metaphorical mirror and examining your judgmental thoughts you’ll likely find that you are operating from a place of fear. But not to worry! As Susan says, “It’s simply time to gather and use the tools that help you to push through the fear to get in touch with your Higher Self. Remember not to judge yourself. Just become the observer of your thoughts and soon you will be able to move them into a more positive realm.”

When you turn the mirror towards yourself, make sure you don’t judge or blame yourself! That just perpetuates the cycle. Learning not to be overly critical of others means that you can’t treat yourself that way either.