Feelings Are Contagious

In this excerpt from The Feel the Fear Guide the Lasting Love, Susan describes how our mind and feelings can affect those around us. When we feel love, especially for ourselves, those we interact with will notice and react in kind.

Feelings are contagious. What do I mean by that? I know it is hard to imagine, but we don’t end where our skin ends. We have a certain radiance, energy or aura, as it’s called by some, that ‘touches’ people around us. ‘Susan, don’t give me any of this woo-woo stuff,’ I hear you say. But it’s not woo-woo stuff at all. Think about it this way. We have all been with people who it feels really good to be around. These people radiate a positive aura. They are lighthearted, caring, interested in other people and very huggable. We’ve also all been with people who it feels really bad to be around. These people radiate a negative aura. They are complainers, blamers, self-involved, and you really want to keep your distance.

The obvious implication, of course, is that it would be great if we could fine-tune our own thoughts, actions and behavior so that we radiate a welcoming aura (light-hearted, caring, interested and very huggable) to all those around us, especially to our mate. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

If you don’t think it makes sense, it may help to consider the teachings of Henry Grayson, amongst others. He tells us that there is scientific evidence, particularly in the fields of quantum mechanics and particle physics, that we are all connected in a most profound way. He also says that there is a ‘consciousness’ or ‘intelligence’ that underlies all that is visible and that this consciousness gives us human powers beyond our imagination. He concludes that: “If we as human beings are all interconnected, then there are enormous implications for understanding how relationships work – both positively and negatively.”

He adds that he came to understand how someone else’s behavior is often a mirror of our own behavior, so that if we are critical, even if only in our thoughts, we will get criticism back. Loving thoughts, on the other hand, bring love towards us. (Read that again.)

This, of course, means that the thoughts in our minds most profoundly affect our relationships. It is an awesome realization – that, in terms of our thoughts, we can single-handedly help to create the kinds of feelings we want in our relationship.