Putting Love Back on the Menu

Most of us, especially if we’ve been with our partner for a long time, tend to fall into comfortable habits that lead us to take for granted our most important relationship. We might make an effort for Valentine’s Day, as it’s expected, but the rest of the year, we treat our partner as if we’re in a business relationship, not a loving one.

But to truly live your best life and to help make your partner’s life the best it can be, it’s important not to take your relationship for granted. You need to look deeply and see it for the blessing it is. (If you delve deeply and find that it is not a blessing, that is all right too, but that is a different subject than the one of this blog.)

Susan wrote in The Feel the Fear Guide to Lasting Love, “If your habit has been to be unconscious in your relationship, your goal now is to make a habit of paying attention and regularly showering your mate with love.” As we talked about in the newsletter article this month, there are myriad ways to shower your partner with attention and none of them need to bold or grand. A surprise kiss, an out of the blue text telling your partner you love them, making dinner when your partner comes home exhausted from work. It’s the little things that show your partner that you know you are blessed to have them in your life.

“You have to make loving actions a habit,” wrote Susan. “Trust me when I tell you that a beautiful love can’t exist when we take the blessings of our union for granted. So, I repeat, do one thing in the relationship every day that will make your partner feel good. Put it in your diary. In so doing you remind yourself of the good fortune of your being together.”