Thoughtfulness is Loving

As we are talking about taking action to keep love alive and romantic this month, we thought we’d share this excerpt from The Feel the Fear Guide to Lasting Love. Susan talks about subtle ways to show your partner that you care. They may seem obvious or even silly, but they won’t seem that way to the one your love.

For example, we had a fire in our building. I was visiting a neighbor on the 17th floor. Mark was on the 14th floor. A few seconds after the loud speakers started announcing that we were to exit the building, in walked Mark. Instead of leaving immediately, he ran up to make sure I was all right, and we walked down the 17 flights of steps together. I felt very loved. The good news is that I know I would have done the same if the situation were reversed. Of course, the fire department may think we are being very stupid, but they may not understand how much we love each other.

When on a deadline, my son-in-law works late hours. He often gets home after my daughter has gone to sleep. Before he comes to bed, he puts some toothpaste on her toothbrush and leaves it on the side of the sink ready for her when she wakes up. It’s one of his many ways of saying, ‘I love you.’ And her heart sings when she finds his beautiful and creative message of love.

Remember: there is no such thing as a little gift. No matter how ‘small’, it is big in its message. It says loud and clear:

I thought about you and I give you my love.

It’s a very big thing – actually. We want to matter to each other. We have to show our loved one that they do matter. And when we are given a gift of any kind, we have to express thanks for the caring we are being shown.