The “No-Lose” Decision Making Model

We’re talking this month about how to approach decision-making from the perspective of a lifelong student. Susan recommended using her model of the “No-Lose” Decision-Making Method. From Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, here is a summary of the steps in that method. By applying these, you’ll breathe a lot easier as you make the “right” choices throughout your lifetime of learning.


Before making a decision:

1.         Focus on the No-Lose Model. There is no such thing as a “wrong” choice.

2.         Do your homework. Don’t make a decision without knowing all the facts. Talk to friends, family, experts. Do the necessary research.

3.         Establish your priorities. Give yourself time to think about what you want out of life.

4.         Trust your impulses. When we’re connected to our Higher Self, your subconscious will send you signals about what is the best choice right now.

5.         Lighten up. Don’t take everything so seriously. If the choice you make doesn’t work out, you are still learning something.

After making a decision:

1.         Throw away your picture. Let go of your expectations on what is supposed to happen.

2.         Accept total responsibility. Don’t blame! Look for the opportunity in any decision and it’s much easier to accept responsibility for your choice.

3.         Don’t protect, correct. When you realize that the way you are heading is not where you want to be, change it. If there is no right place to be, then there is no reason why you can’t change paths.