Everything is Practice

Below is an excerpt of one of Susan’s exercises from Embracing Uncertainty that can help us to understand that life is a work-in-progress.

The “It’s All Practice” Exercise

All of life is your Spiritual classroom filled with opportunities for Spiritual practice. With all that is happening in your life you ask …

How can I see this situation in a life-affirming way?

How can I grow into a more loving and powerful person?

Everything that comes into your world is your opportunity to practice the tools you are learning … an optimal opportunity for “self-help.” Yes, it’s all Spiritual practice.

PROBLEMS AND JOYS                                                            OPPORTUNITY FOR

You are having problems with your family       >Spiritual practice

You have to get another job                             >Spiritual practice

You are planning your wedding                         >Spiritual practice

You are worried about money                           >Spiritual practice

When you see life as a Spiritual practice, all news, particularly bad news, gives you the opportunity to explore the unused parts of yourself … new dimensions of being. Your mantra becomes …

Whatever happens, I will discover a new and wonderful part of myself.

The Journey to the Higher Self is a very exciting one … and a very necessary one … if we are to live peacefully in a world filled with great mystery and uncertainty. When we approach all things with a Spiritual mindset, all is well no matter what is happening in our lives. In the beginning, don’t expect to feel it in your bones. Again, the exercises will only penetrate the deepest part of who you are with constant use. Remember that we have to break a very bad habit … the habit of living in the lowest part of who we are.