Everyone Has “One of Those Days”

Self-help is a practice—the emphasis on practice. Just like anything else worth doing, it takes work to find, and keep, inner peace. There are no quick fixes for what ails you. In fact, you will find, that the more work you do, the more in touch with your Higher Self that you become, you will still have really bad days. Susan wrote in Embracing Uncertainty:

As I have said before … even the Buddhas have their days!

But a bad day doesn’t have to mean a big set-back in your self-help practice. Another reason to emphasize the “practice” part. It takes a lot of practice to center ourselves and even more practice to keep on trusting our ability to “handle it” after tough days. What counts most is to continue, to start the next day with trust and perseverance in your heart.

As Susan said, “When you realize how spiritually powerful you are in terms of handling all that life offers you, there truly is no need to look elsewhere. Your place of safety lies within.”