Giving is About Being Your Best

We give presents and our time to try to make other people happy, to add a little joy to their lives. When we give from a place of love and trust, we are expanding our own lives and adding to our own blessings. Giving is about being your best, regardless of the outcome. Of course, we’d like our efforts to be appreciated. However, we cannot control the reactions of those we give too. The important thing is that in giving a present or giving your time you are sharing your abundance and to know that is enough.

So, if you feel like you have to buy a present for a person that you don’t really like or who doesn’t treat you with respect, remember that giving the present isn’t about them. If you know that they’ll react poorly, no matter what you give them, but can’t get out of giving a present, know that their reaction is a reflection on them, on their inability to live gracefully. A receiver’s reaction is not about you.

Perhaps you are annoyed that you are duty-bound to go to a function when you’d rather not. You wouldn’t feel like you have to go unless it was important, right? Unless you felt you needed to be there to support a loved one, unless you knew that your presence would make a difference? Well then, concentrate on what your presence means and appreciate that you have the opportunity give by being there. By being present with both your body and your attention you are giving genuinely of your time and support.

Remember that this holiday season. We get to appreciate the abundance in our lives and to share those blessings with those around us. Giving brings out the best in ourselves, so don’t hold back. It doesn’t have to be a physical gift, it can be a gift of time, support, patience, or, especially, love. We are all of us blessed. Let’s share our blessings with others.