When We Need a Guide to Visualize

This month we’re talking about how visualizing what we want can help us to get where we want to be. However, some people may struggle with trying to visualize, so Susan suggested trying guided visualization.

One of the powerful tools used by the practitioners of [self-realization] is the guided visualization. This can be one of the most effective ways of quickly touching the Higher Self. There are a number of wonderful books written on the subject, and again I suggest you read them. But to really know the power of a guided visualization, you must experience one. Therefore, I encourage you to take a guided visualization workshop or buy audios that include one. Reading gives you an understanding but going through one gives you the experience—a dramatic difference indeed.

In brief, a guided visualization requires that you close your eyes, relax your body, and listen to the person giving you instructions. It uses the power of your imagination to see life as it would be seen if you listen only to your Higher Self. If you are fearful, your imagination is plugged into the Chatterbox, and often the only things you can conjure up are horror stories. With guided visualizations you can learn to push aside the Chatterbox for a moment and experience feelings and see mental pictures the likes of which you have never felt or seen before. The pictures are often of such beauty that you will be moved to tears of joy. Even negative pictures that arise are valuable; they often reveal insights you have been hiding from yourself.

It can be very effective to read aloud the visualizations given in books into your tape recorder, using as soothing a voice as you can project. By listening to visualization tapes by others, you will get a sense of the timing required between sentences to produce the full effect.

Nowadays, you can find audio and video of guided meditations online, through streaming services, and on CD. Check out some of Susan’s on the streaming service Audible.com.