Focus On the Good

In End the Struggle and Dance With Life, Susan asked, “Why do we always look at what’s missing, instead of what’s there? Why do we always look at the bad, instead of the good? Why do we always focus on the ugliness instead of the beauty?”

There is a lot of bad and wrong these days that holds our attention. When we focus on the bad, we stay stuck in the prison of our Lower Selves. When we focus on what is missing, what is bad or ugly, we can’t see past the prison bars. Yet, the world is still a beautiful place to live in. So why not break out by working to connect to your Higher Self, by focusing on the good things, by focusing on your blessings.

“We can create this shift in focus in all areas of our life that bring us upset,” Susan wrote. “The truth is that blessings surround us all the time. That shift in focus isn’t a delusion. In fact, we are deluding ourselves when we focus on the bad!”

Susan relates a story about something author Alan Cohen experienced. One day, he stopped by a McDonald’s for lunch. He was miserable thinking about how unhealthy the food was, how noisy the kids in the play area were, how nothing was right. He was thinking that he’d never go back, when the “smog” of his own thoughts cleared and he realized that nothing he was experiencing had to be wrong. In fact, he realized in that moment that he enjoyed the food, that the kids were having fun, and the everything was all right just as it was. Cohen realized one of Susan’s greatest lessons, if we let it, “Everything is happening perfectly.”

When we focus on what is right, we find that nothing is missing. There may be awful and crazy things going on in the world, but if we hold on to our Higher Selves, well …

There is very little that can take away our peace.