Suspending Our Inner Judge

As a follow-up to this month’s article—learning to greet the light within to create a connection with every person we meet—it is important to not judge people by what you see on the outside.

This can be a hard lesson to learn, as most of us have an inner critic that constantly judges—both ourselves and those we meet. If we don’t silence that critic then whatever light we are projecting and trying to find in others will be negated by judgement. Susan wrote in Dare to Connect, “As you practice … always remember to replace any negative mental chatter with the positive thought projections. They are a critical part of the process.  As you are passing someone on the street or looking them in the eye, feel the wonder in the fact that ‘This is a person just like me, a human being with feelings, Who has been rejected at times.  This is a person just like me.  He (or she) hurts, he feels, he has had many painful experiences, he wants to be liked, he needs approval.’”

If you usually find yourself thinking about how other people perceive you, you’re not really focusing on greeting the light within that person. If you find yourself thinking about how the person looks or is behaving rather than opening yourself to greet the light within them, you’re not really trying to connect. As Susan wrote, “The kind of energy that creates is hardly a basis for meaningful connection.” 

So when you start practicing “I greet the light within you,” remember to pay attention to your thoughts. If they are negative, then change them to positive thoughts. Don’t let outside images destroy your ability to see another person’s light.