Other Ways to Greet the Light

In August’s newsletter article, we talked about creating connections by silently saying to those we meet, “I greet the light within you.” In Dare to Connect, Susan wrote about other phrases that can be used to connect with others through our Higher Selves. Here is an excerpt:

Another variation of “I greet the light within you” is simply to walk down the street, silently (of course!) saying “I love you” to everyone you see.  For those of you who object to the use of “I love you” except when referring to significant others, remember that we can love at many levels.  In this case, I am referring to a love of humanity that includes every human being on the planet…yes, even those whom you would like to punch in the face!

A friend of mind practiced this for one month and reported a dramatic shift in the way she felt about herself and her relationship to everyone around her.  If you live in what is reputed to be an unfriendly city, you will be surprised to see how friendly it seems to become as a result of this exercise.  The streets are the most hostile when we build a wall around our heart. 

There are still other variations.  One of my students imagines a heart pinned on everyone’s clothes to remind her of the love they carry within them.  Metaphysician Stewart Wilde tells us that in order to deal with the negativity around him, he trained his mind to say the word “Peace” whenever he was in the presence of strangers.  In the beginning, he often forgot and had to remind himself over and over again, but in time this Everybody Training practice became part of his consciousness so that the word “Peace” came through automatically.  He states,

            “By wishing a million people “Peace” then a million more, you create that energy within you, and gradually what you create is a peaceful world around you.  The affirmation becomes real by its constant repetition and by the fact that you really mean it.”[i]

These heart-motivated “gimmicks” are reassuring in this world of seeming alienation.  They all serve to wake us up to the fact, that we are all part of the human family.  The ultimate goal is to reach the point where we can no longer look at another person without, at some level, resonating the words I LOVE YOU, I GREET THE LIGHT IN YOU, or PEACE.