Affirmations For Living in 2020

We’re talking about affirmations this month and how they are an important tool in Susan’s teachings. Whether your affirmations come from Susan or if you write your own, they have the power to change your mood and your mind when repeated often enough.

Times are rough right now and many of us are finding it hard to stay on our spiritual path and to connect with our Higher Self. It’s hard not to get bogged down with all the strife and mistrust going on in the world. To help you change your focus from the negative to the positive, here are five affirmations that can help make a difference in your life today.

  • I can find a rich joyous life in the presence of all the uncertainty in my life.
  • I rise above my fear and focus on all I have to give to the world.
  • I am living a rich and full life. There will be some pain but even more blessings.
  • I always choose the Path that contributes to my growth and makes me feel at peace with myself and others.

Start by choosing one and repeating it often throughout the day. Write it on a sticky note and put it somewhere that you’ll see it often. Get in the habit of replacing any negative thinking with one of these affirmations and soon you’ll find yourself feeling more relaxed and thinking more positively.