Breaking the Habit of Lower Self Thinking

This month, we’re working with Susan’s book Feel the Fear and Beyond, specifically the section titled, “Ask Your Higher Self.” Here is an excerpt about getting in touch with your Higher Self:

Don’t you love the choice you can have in thinking about various situations in your life? Obviously, choosing to listen to the voice of the Higher Self guarantees you a life filled with power, joy, and love.

Because Lower Self thinking is a difficult habit to break, it helps to have reminders wherever they can be seen. For example, I keep a card on my desk that says, ‘Susan, what would your Higher Self say about this? And when I find myself upset about something, this card reminds me to ‘wake up’ and listen to the best of who I am, not the worst. And, often, I take the time to type into my computer my Higher Self responses to a situation, just as you have done in the above exercise, and immediately feel a sense of peace.

I would suggest that right now you create a few signs on index cards, just as you did with your affirmations, and put them in areas you can see them –on your mirror, in your car, on your desk, on your schedule, and anywhere else you will see them that say:

What Would My Higher Self Say About This?

Then, if you find yourself upset about something in your life, this reminder will wake you up to the fact that you are simply listening to the voice of the Lower Self. Start with little things. For example, when your Chatterbox won’t stop complaining about the lousy traffic, the card on your dashboard will remind you to ask what your Higher Self would say about this situation. You would get an answer such as the following:

“Great! I have more time to listen to this beautiful music. I can relax and think about the blessings in my life. Moving at such a snail’s pace, I can watch the beautiful sunset. I can actually have a great time enjoying the beauty of the moment.”

Any moment of the day, in any situation in your life, you can now choose to listen to the healthier, stronger, and joyful part of who you are. The voice of the Higher Self … how sweet it is!