About Affirmations for Children

This is an excerpt from Susan’s introduction to the UK version of I Can Handle It! In it, she talks about how life changing affirmations can be, especially for children.

Affirmations have long been considered by many to be a valuable tool for adults. I believe that the affirmation can be a valuable tool for children as well. In fact, children probably can learn to use affirmations much more easily than adults. After all, they haven’t had as much time to develop the habit of thinking negatively. And we all know how hard it is to break bad habits!

Also, children love the repetition of simple phrases. The key to positive results with affirmations is repetition, repetition, repetition. And what a great phrase to repeat over and over again…

No matter what happens, I can handle it!
No matter what happens, I can handle it!
No matter what happens, I can handle it!

Why is repetition so necessary? Repetition of a positive thought is necessary to retrain the mind to think in a more positive way. Especially when we live in a world filled with negativity.

Also, affirmations are a form of ‘acting-as-if.’ If we act-as-if often enough, our conscious and sub-conscious minds begin to let in the possibility that something is so. And ultimately, we feel it truly is so, even though we all need reminders once in a while…even me!

Affirmations can be very powerful indeed!