A purpose that makes you a better person

While we are seeking out our life’s purpose, we need to be careful that the purpose we choose to pursue is one that will make us a better person while making the world a better place. But some of us might feel that our purpose is less spiritual.

In Life is Huge, Susan cautioned against this, “When asking the question, ‘What is my purpose?’ some of you may hear the answer ‘making money.’ There is nothing wrong with making money. In fact, I love making money! It is when making money is devoid of Higher Self thinking that we lose our way.”

Pursuing a purpose that is about accumulating—whether in the form of material goods or emotional goods—is a path to Lower Self thinking. Material forms could be making money, owning property, growing a collection Emotional goods could be garnering praise, being successful, or, even more negative getting away with a lie.

“I know so many rich people who have no sense of Higher purpose and they derive very little joy,” Susan wrote. “I also know people who make their money in a way that hurts and deceives other people. Again, they are unhappy as they haven’t gotten in touch with the best of who they are.”

It’s fine to seek money or praise, but if that is what you believe your purpose here on earth is, then you might want to rethink things. You can still earn money while pursuing your Higher Self purpose. Susan said, “Thankfully, there are those who make money and who are Higher Self thinker, and they truly help the world in so many beautiful ways. They can’t help but feel good about their lives and who they are as human beings.”

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