Mark Shelmerdine (1945 to 2023)

Message from Karrie
(director of Susan Jeffers organization)

I first met Mark and Susan when they hired me in 2005 to help with Susan’s publishing venture, Jeffers Press. I worked closely with both of them for two years and Mark became a mentor to me. Even after I left, and went through several other jobs, I continued to freelance for Jeffers Press and Susan Jeffers Organization. As anyone who knew Mark or Susan, business and friendship were freely intermixed. You couldn’t work with either of them for long without becoming their friend.

After Susan passed away, Mark invited me to write Susan’s monthly articles and blog posts. It was important to him that whoever carried on promoting Susan’s legacy had also known Susan personally. During the last decade or so, Mark and I worked hard to make sure that we honored Susan’s legacy in a way she would approve. It wasn’t always easy, but it was something that we both believed in. Mark was determined to keep Susan’s work alive worldwide and relevant.

Many longtime fans of Susan’s work know Mark as she wrote about him—her lover, her champion, her partner, her “relationship gold.” For the rest of us, he was an encouraging friend, a mentor and cheerleader to everyone he knew, a loving and supportive father, a doting grandfather, and a devoted husband to Donna.

Mark was also a fighter, as he proved to the cancer that he battled for many years. His last few years were tough, but he was tougher. He lived his life fully, smiled every chance he got, and blessed every day he was given. For me, I will always remember him as my cheerful supporter, mentor, and friend.

Message from Rachael
(director of Feel the Fear Training)

To make a positive difference to someone else’s life is, I believe, one of the most important acts we can do as a human being. Mark changed my life for the better since the first time I spoke with him in 2007, when he granted permission for me to be a Feel the Fear instructor. He supported me as a trainer, then changed my life once again when he made me the director of Feel the Fear Training, so that I could recruit and train instructors all over the world to spread Susan’s message. If it wasn’t for the foresight of Mark, we wouldn’t have built the Feel the Fear training team as big as we have all around the world.

We will never know how many people our instructors have positively impacted through attending workshops. Nor will we know how many people these delegates have then impacted through sharing the strategies from Susan’s books. This positive change originated from Mark committing to ensuring this happened after Susan’s death. Thank you Mark for not only keeping Susan’s work alive but for changing my life too. Your kindness and belief in me will always be treasured.

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  1. Still love reading all the Feel the Fear books ….

    Condolences to the family and to all working with Mark

    Please keep up all the great work in their memory. I am indebted to both of them for all their help in the wonderful books and of course on the website now.

  2. I wrote a heavy rock song as a tribute to Susan as I know she liked that genre of music. It was called, ‘ Feel the Fear ‘ and I emailed it to Susan not anticipating a reply. It was Mark who replied and over a series of emails we discovered that all three of us loved rock music and that Mark and I had both seen Led Zeplin at Knebworth back in the ‘70.s.
    I wrote to Mark after I had seem Susan’s obituary in The Guardian; understandably he was devastated and over the years since we kept touch.
    So sad to hear of his death. Go well Mark with ‘ Chariots of Fire ‘!

  3. They both contributed so much to the world and helped changed so many lives for the better. I know they are back together once again.

  4. I read all her books and have her cassettes which I still listen to from time to time. Her voice was so soothing. I also have her little books that I keep on my nightstand. She was a warrior.

  5. I send much love to the family and friends of Susan and Mark at this sad and difficult time. It is so hard to lose someone you love. Mark generously welcomed me as a trainer in FTFADIA at a time when Susan was very ill and I later rejoiced in his loving marriage to Donna. The love and light shared by Susan’s teachings and promoted, spread and championed by Mark are exactly what we need in our world today. Thank you both for your goodness and love. Clare xx

  6. Mark and Susan were the loveliest people! I became a Feel the Fear Trainer many years ago and delivered lots of successful workshops in Scotland…. After Susan died, Mark spoke of her with so much love and continued to be a wonderful support to me – A beautiful soul 💙

  7. I am so sorry to hear about Mark’s death. We were in e-mail contact on and off since 2003 (or 2004) when Susan published my “Feel the fear story”. We never met, but of course felt we knew each other a little. I knew about his battle with cancer: he was very brave. Yes, we all know that he was a wonderful husband and more, to Susan … and no doubt to Donna, whom I know he was so delighted to meet and be with, after Susan’s death. May his brave spirit live on in the hearts of those who knew and loved him.

  8. I first read ‘Feel the fear’ over twenty years ago just as I was starting uni in a foreign country. I loved it and Susan too. I emailed Susan whilst abroad and feeling a little lost to compliment her on her work and Mark wrote back to say thank you for my words from Susan, I asked him if this was really Susan who had told him this and he said, yes and I should know I’m her husband! I am sorry that they are no longer with us in physical form but their wonderful positivity, humble welcoming down to earth attitudes and kindness will continue forever. Rest in eternal peace.

  9. We are sad to hear about Mark’s passing. He and Susan published our book
    The Lost Years, Surviving a Mother and Daughter’s Worst Nightmare in 2006. We met after they had read our manuscript and brainstormed at lunch over a title. Susan loved the book and came up with the perfect name. The two of them helped us so much during the launch promoting our story. I don’t think we would have done it without Mark’s mentoring. He did so much for us and kept printing our books all these years.
    To Mark’s family we wish you peace as you grieve the loss of a wonderful husband, father and friend. He was a good and generous man.
    Kristina and Constance

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