Be A Hero, Part 1

This month we’re talking about Heroes. Not the kind that wear funny costumes. The real kind of hero whose experience is inspiring and uplifting. There are a lot of examples out there of people who’ve experienced the worst but chose to see themselves as ‘winners’ instead of ‘victims.’ So keep a collection of your own personal heroes, but don’t forget to add another one. Yourself!

“What?” you are saying, “How can I be a hero?”

Susan wrote, “Trust me. You can be a hero. All of us can. Maybe you already are and you just don’t know it yet.”

Maybe you are already living your life in a way that is inspiring to others. For when we are in touch with our Higher Selves and living our best life possible, we can’t help but be inspiring.

Here’s just one example. In the late 1970s, Fran found herself as a newly divorced single mother looking for a career. While she was considering going into nursing, she found an employment ad for police officers. She’d always been drawn to police work, ever since she had worked as an undercover security guard in a mall when she was much younger. She decided to go for it and she did it. She became the first female officer in her department and worked hard over the years to get promotion after promotion, all while doing what she loved.

And guess what? Her experience was a huge inspiration to her family, friends, even people she never met. Her intention had never been to be a hero to others, she just wanted to make a living by doing work that meant something to her and that she enjoyed.

If we are living our best lives, we might already be heroes.