Be A Hero, Part 2

In Embracing Uncertainty, Susan wrote about a “Be A Hero” exercise, in which she tells us how we can get in touch with our inner hero.

When difficulties arise, immediately reject the victim mentality and begin looking for the good. That is, find the blessings in any situation you encounter…whether it is something little, like a traffic jam, or something big, like a serious illness. This sends out a wonderfully positive energy that helps not only you, but also those around you. Conversely, when you cling to the victim mentality, this sends out a terribly negative energy that hurts not only you, but also hurts those around you. Not good! So it’s important to let go of the victim mentality.

As you play the game of “find the blessings,” you will be amazed at the number of blessings you will find. For example, I have heard some say after going through a very difficult time in their lives …

“It made me stronger.”

“It made me more confident.”

“I’m much more Spiritual as a result of what happened.”

“I used to be a spoiled brat. Now I am much more humane and compassionate.”

Strength, confidence, Spirituality, compassion. You can see that when you are able to find the good, nothing seems bad after all!

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  1. When my first marriage broke down I went to the library for self help books to help me get through. I got the book Feel the Fear and I have to say it gave me the tools I needed to bifold a new life for myself . I also used Susan’s books when I met someone else a couple of years later . They helped me to realise the sort of person who was right for me and I met my soulmate . I lost my beautiful husband 10 years ago after being together only eleven and half years . I felt cheated but my new outlook on thing eventually helped me to realise I have been very lucky to have been loved by a wonderful man and have the real happiness he brought to me . I lost my beautiful daughter three years ago very suddenly and although I don’t believe it will ever stop hurting Susan’s teachings and Louise Hey have helped me get through. I owe so much to both of them . I have a better life Susan has and continues to help people . THANK YOU .

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