The Sound of Savoring

Along with learning how to enjoy life through the use of the word Wow!, another way to savor life is to taste it, as Susan wrote about in Embracing Uncertainty:

“Mmmmmmm” is the sound of savoring. Conjure up in your mind that wonderful moment when you bite into something that tastes sublime and the sound of “mmmmmmm” comes from your vocal cords. That is a wonderful example of savoring … truly taking in all the pleasure. We can expand our “savoring base” to cover all aspects of our life including a kiss from our partner, a beautiful sunset, a day off from work, and on and on and on and on. Most of us savor much too little and are hassled much too much. We have to turn this all around. I want to hear the sound of “mmmmmmm” coming from everyone reading this!

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  1. Thanks ! Susan, ( God rest your Soul !!! ) Your article is so True ! I love your writings and, your Book, ( Feel the Fear ! and, do it Anyway !!!……. Donnie I Henderson

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