Creativity Can Connect You and Your Higher Self

If you have read any of Susan’s books, you know about her belief in the Higher Self. When we are connected to our Higher Self, we can connect to the Universe. As Susan wrote in Feel the Fear and Beyond, “The Higher Self is the space within each and everyone of us that is filled with nourishing qualities such as joy, creativity, intuition, peace, power, love, compassion, and all good things.”

One of the loveliest side benefits of connecting to our Higher Self is our creativity. Whether you are arranging some flowers, developing a new business venture, or writing a novel, creativity is a large part of what makes us human. Being creative doesn’t necessarily mean dedicating your life to art.  Creativity be expressed through simple things: a lovingly created meal, a new way to do something you’ve always done, planting a relaxing garden, or even making a handmade card. Creativity is the special touch we add to life to makes it that much more joyous.  When we are connecting to the Higher Self, when we are in touch with our creativity and intuition, we are living our best life.

You have probably noticed that when you are fearful, stressed out or unhappy, you find it hard to be creative. Things that bring you joy when you’re living with your Higher-Self connection may sometimes seem like a chore instead. Our Lower Self sees creativity as change, and to the Lower Self, change is risky.

The world around us doesn’t always encourage creativity, either. There is so much emphasis on “getting things done” that we often limit our creativity in service of deadlines, to-do lists, appointments, expectations, and more. Yet these things serve our Lower Self. When we are living only to meet outside pressures, fearing what will happen if we don’t, then we aren’t living our best life. We aren’t in touch with our Higher Self and our creativity flies out the window.

When we let our Lower Self thinking take over, we lose our ability to create because, as Susan wrote, “If your mind is filled with messages of lack, scarcity, anger, jealousy, judgment, fear, and any form of negativity, you can be sure you are in the land of the Lower Self. If you hear messages of creativity, abundance, compassion, courage, joy, and any form of power and love, you are in the land of the Higher Self.”

When we begin to lose touch with our Higher Self, creativity can be a way to reconnect with it. Creating something brings a certain tranquility to the heart and mind that carries us closer to the Grand Design. Susan described it like this, “A feeling of calm is our way into the Higher Self, the best of who we are. It is also our way into a Universal oneness with all there is.”

So when you begin to feel low—whether you feel anxious and fearful, overwhelmed or stressed—think about ways you can disconnect from the world and reconnect with your Higher Self through creativity. It can be as simple as taking twenty minutes out of your schedule to daydream or think up a better ending for that movie you saw. Being creative is not about producing something, like a painting or a song. Being creative is about taking the time to imagine and dream. It’s about giving ourselves permission to discover something bigger than ourselves, creating confidence, self-respect, and more.

Allowing ourselves the space to create can also put us in touch with our inner child. Children play and create non-stop and, while they might not know it, they are communicating with their Higher Selves. They can be full of wonder and imagination with no feeling of being judged, just supported. That’s why being creative can be an ideal way to find a direct line to your Higher Self. You can go around the clutches of the Lower Self and connect directly to that part of yourself that is aligned with the Universe.

Creativity is more than just imagination, more than talent, and we’re all born with it. The Universe grants every person with the same access to the creative self. When we can engage with it, it can take us to better places, including our Higher Self. Susan said, “I believe that what all of us are really searching for is this divine essence within ourselves.” And through creativity, we can find it.


  1. Being creative can take you away from the mundane thinking of worldly problems that bombard out attention and invade our mind. Take myself away from listening to the world carrying on with its interruptions of human behaviours. Taking my consciousness to another level. Away outside touching with creating. The higher intelligence gave us a gift and that is our mind. Use it away from distractions and find out how amazing our mind really works. Work our minds to think of something out of the ordinary.

  2. Thank you for your uplifting and calming messages! 🙂
    Each time I take the time to read these articles who awaits me in my email box,
    I feel how peaceful they make me feel and helps me live my life more peacfully & wholly.
    So keep up your great and important work! 🙂
    Lots of love & thank you again!
    Gil from far Israel 🙂

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