Why Being Connected to Our Higher Self Is So Important

This month we’re talking about using creativity to get in touch with our Higher Self. But why is being connected with our Higher Self so important? Susan explains it like this in End the Struggle and Dance With Life:

We don’t have to live a life controlled by our need to control! We can learn how to let go, thus feeling more comfortable, soft, flexible and flowing about life… like wearing the world just as a loose garment.

Anytime there is any sign of a real or imagined, external threat, the Lower Self automatically triggers our need to control. The way we can handle our addiction to control, therefore, is to pull ourselves away from the fear tactics of our Lower Self and rise to the level of our Higher Self, the Spiritual part of who we are, where we find true safety. We learn that…

  • • The Higher Self is the dwelling place of all good things such as love, power, creativity, joy, satisfaction, and abundance.
  • • The Higher Self knows we have the strength to handle anything that can ever happen to us.
  • • The Higher Self doesn’t see the outside world as a threat to our lives; it sees it as a place to learn and grow and contribute.
  • • The Higher Self has great vision and can guide us to where we need to go with our lives.
  • • The Higher Self knows that all situations in our life—good or bad—can be used as a teaching for our highest good.

And so our mind is calm. What’s the big deal? What is there to gain? How about…happiness, peace, energy, creativity, intelligence, intuition, guidance, health, orderliness, joy, and all good things. A feeling of calm is our way into the Higher Self, the best of who we are. It is also our way into a Universal oneness with all there is.