Uncertainty and Creativity

Most of us prefer to make plans, have goals, be assured of what’s going to happen tomorrow because not knowing can be scary. We create expectations of what we want to happen to keep our fears at bay, even knowing that we are likely to be disappointed. Setting ourselves up this way we are also cutting ourselves off from imagination, wonder, creativity, and possibility.

But as Susan wrote in Embracing Uncertainty, “Expectations keep us from noticing and playing with exciting possibilities that always surround us. As long as we insist that things have to be a certain way, we limit our vision. When we let go of our expectations, we live with a greater sense of creativity, curiosity, and possibility.”

There really is no such thing as certainty. Life has no guarantees. What it does have is mystery and wonder and more capacity than any one of us could ever imagine. Why limit ourselves with expectations when miracles are part of the uncertainty? When we accept the uncertainty and the unknown:

We understand that LIFE IS HUGE!

Susan wrote, “Can you now see that if you can turn your worry about all the uncertainty that envelops you into a sense of excitement and possibility, your experience of life will be greatly improved? If you can step out of the ‘drama’ and watch the miracle of life unfold, you can ultimately see that uncertainty truly is ‘creativity in action’.”

Creativity is a huge part of uncertainty. If we were certain, then how could we allow ourselves the space to create, to grow, to imagine, to expand? We can’t. Good thing there really is no such thing as certainty. Once we can accept that, we are giving ourselves permission to live in the uncertainty of creativity.

All of life’s creativity flourishes not in certainty,
but in the questions that flow from uncertainty.